Report about the English LKs’ Studienfahrt to Canterbury

Ein Bericht von Carla Böddeker (Jgst. 11)

Day 1: Our journey to Canterbury in England started early in the morning on 19 March 2018. After a long but quite comfortable bus ride with our driver Jürgen we finally reached our hostel, an old, historic building. We spent the first night checking into our rooms before we finally went to sleep.

 Day 2: After a proper English breakfast in our hostel (including sausages and beans of course), we met up in the city with local tour guides who showed us around beautiful Canterbury. They told us everything about the interesting past of the city and why it is still a famous centre of the Anglican church today. We got to see the impressive monument that is the Canterbury Cathedral as well as the King’s School, which is said to be the oldest school in the world. Afterwards we all formed groups and competed in a city rally made up by our teachers Mrs Beumling, Mr Möhring and Mr Ester. Our day ended with another visit to the Canterbury Cathedral where we participated in an Evensong, which is kind of a Gottesdienst in the Anglican Church.

Day 3: For most of us this was the day we were most excited about: Our day trip to London! But before we could throw ourselves into shopping, we stopped to see the Thames Barrier, walked through Greenwich Park and saw the Meridian Line we heard of in our Greenline books in year 5. Afterwards we took a boat across the Thames all the way right into the city centre. Then it was finally time for shopping! Exhausted and impressed by all the city lights we met up again in the evening and Mr Ester, who (thankfully) somehow could always tell us where the best toilets around were, guided us back to our bus and back to Canterbury. London was definitely a highlight!

Day 4: On Thursday we made our way to Leeds Castle, a medieval castle located just one hour away from Canterbury. There, we all got a map and an audio guide so everyone could explore the castle and the surrounding park individually. We spent Thursday afternoon exploring another small historic town nearby which was called Rochester. On our ride back to Canterbury we all got to enjoy the delicious cookies baked by Mrs Ester, who had also joined us on our trip.

Day 5: Friday was our last day. After a morning without any program it was time to learn more about our destination and its history. We therefore took part in a “Canterbury Tales Tour“, a really interestingly arranged tour where we heard Geoffrey Chaucer’s pilgrimage tales that Canterbury is famous for. Our last activity before heading home was a riverboat tour on the Stour, which we really enjoyed thanks to our funny tour guides. Finally, we made our way home and arrived in Bad Driburg early on Saturday morning.

Altogether we all really enjoyed our trip to Canterbury and had a great and unforgettable time!

Gruppenfoto mit Blick auf die Docklands von London

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